The three most important things I learned this semester

In this blog, I talk about the three most important things a learned this semester. Last semester after coming back from quarantine, my head wasn’t all into college. I was definitely feeling some senioritis. Along with that, I had a job… This was mistake number one. I was thinking I could hold a job and be a stress-free bio major. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still made it through with pretty good grades, but they could have been better if I didn’t… to read more about what I learned from the semester, click the link below to the post. Thank you for the read!

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How to study effectively

How to study effectively – in college

Click the link above to view my college blog post on how to study effectively in college.

“We all know college can be overwhelming and extremely fast-paced. If you don’t know how to study effectively, you can easily fall behind, or even worse, receive a bad grade. But I have found that simply changing up a few of your study methods can turn that around and leave you feeling satisfied with your grades, while not feeling overwhelmed.”